Love Beach


Released: November 1978

All I Want Is You

Sweep those blues outside the door
You won't need them anymore
I'm coming to you
I must have been a fool before
Now all I want
All I want
All I want is you

So roll away your loneliness
You have to send your last S.O.S
Turn you heart on put mind at rest
'cause all I want
All I want
All I want is you

I'm on flight 1 1 2
The airports straight ahead
Runway lights in blue and red
Now the seatbelt sign's aglow
I'm nearly home, nearly home
So throw throw those long sad books away
Times and crimes of yesterday
Tonight I'm gonna love you
till the break of day
'cause all I want
All I want
All I want is you

Love Beach

Now that the coast is clear,
I'm moving out of here.
It's time to dissapear- with you,
to where the skies are blue.
I want you by my side,
don't look so mystified.
You know I said I'd v always take you to love beach.
Out of reach of the eagles eyes tonight
we can make it to love beach.
Where pirate moons, throw silver spoons
across the waves to you.
Back when it all began,
I was your highway man.
Now I've got a different plan
For you.
And me beside the deep blue sea
the way it's meant to be.
Oh you'll believe me
When you see the ocean roll up
and the sun turn a mighty red
You can walk love beach forever
Till it lives inside your head .. I said
I want you by my side
I'll keep you satisfied
My love won't hide
We can make love on love beach
out of reach of the lion's claws tonight.
We can make love on love beach
I want your love, with the stars above
down on love beach.
I'm gonna make love to you, on love beach
Make all your dreams come true, on love beach
Gonna make love to you, on love beach
Gonna make your dreams come true, on love beach
Gonna make love to you, on love beach ,...
Taste Of My Love

Ohhh, you look so hungry woman
how come you strayed in here with your eyes so bright
on this long hot night.
Could it be for a taste of my love
Down on your knees with your face to the wall
Saying please please please
My friend said I should call
well I do feel lonely woman
And to tell the truth , I could use some company
to come closer to me.
Help yourself to a taste of my love.
Call up room service, order peaches and cream
I like my desert first - if you know what I mean.
Yeah, taste it , taste it, taste it
Around the maze of pleasure to the gates of pain,
you're driving me insane.
Take all you need from the taste of my love
I want to love you like nobody ever loved you
Get on my stallion and we'll ride.
I want to hold you and enfold you beyond reason
I want to dynamite your mind with love tonight.
Go down gently with your face to the east
The sun may be rising but we haven't finished the beast.
Ohhh, you still look hungry woman
I'm glad your came in here with your eyes so bright,
on this long hot night
You need love - I need love, here it comes,
the taste of my love.
I'm gonna love you like nobody ever loved you
climb on my rocket and we'll fly.
Over the moon past the sun till we find
the gates of heaven open wide for lovers
I'm gonna love you like nobody ever loved you
climb on my rocket and we'll fly.
The Gambler

Hey mister gimme back them dice
you're holding all the green
but you're gonna lose a slice
Rock and roll bless my soul,
my wallet's gettin' thinner
sevens up, thank you Lord,
now you're looking at a winner.

Cos I'm a member of a gamblin' breed.
And when the actions hot,
it gets me all I need.
So if you find me in our town,
won't you lay your money down?
It's satisfaction guaranteed.
You get heaven, you'll get hell
there ain't no way for you to tell
with a gamblin' man.

Hey mama give me one more ace
I'm looking at a knave
and he's laughing in my face.
Raise the pot bet the lot
we could all be dead tomorrow.
I got an edge on the ledge
not another man will follow.

Cos I'm a member ...

I said I'm a gambler, there's no question of that,
but I never gamble on a woman, that's a matter of fact.
Just ain't no predictin', which way their love will roll,
one moment they're red hot - the next they're icy cold.

Oh Lord, have mercy, give what wheel a spin
It's takin' candy from a baby in the mood I'm in.
Rock and roll bless my soul, my wallet's lookin' healthy
easy come, easy go, I never wanted to be wealthy.
Just a paid up member of a gambin' breed,
and when the actions hot it gets me all I need.
So if you find me in your town
won't you lay your money down?
It's satisfaction guaranteed.
You get heaven, you'll get hell there ain't no
way for you to tell with a gamblin' man.

Lay your money down.
For You

For you and I -
there never was a way to say goodbye.
The nights of love,
we loved so hard we shook the stars above.
Oh, such a love...
Expecting so much, as we touched
that each the other led to the fire
was it the words left unspoken
scared for my heart she's been broken.
That in the ice of a moment
you closed the doors on our love.
Now for you and for me
lies branded on our hearts the memory.
Just a glance and a smile
a looking back and knowing all the while.
Oh, it was love
As close as it will ever come, it's not a crime
for two lonely people to try
to find some love in the madness
of this world full of sadness
and though we woke in the ashes
just for a while we had dreamed
I gave you all I could give -
it was for you that I lived.
Why did you do what you did
and close the door of my heart
next time you fall in love -
you'd better tell the truth
next time you fall in love -
don't do it just for you.
For you, for you , for you ......
Memoirs Of An Officer And A Gentleman

- Prologue-

Walking through the city after recent rain
heard ancient stones all shining murmur
where are they?
How long before next hero's day
and the splendid show of drum and gun.

Walking by the river one September eve
saw questions rise in circles on that old dark stream.
Where now are those who dared to dream
they would leave one jewel in England's hand.

Gone to sleep they lie in flowered graves
for the visitors and Guidebook saved.
But come the trumpet shattered dawn
will the spirit they shared be reborn.

Comrades in arms, may they rise,
fight and shine again,
till "who goes there",
will be answered with friend again.

Once there stood a man, alone, sword in his hand.
In the face of the teeth and flame -
and it was all in England's name.

I was told how she grew,
she alone shone her light on everyone.
And if you made the first eleven
then you'd be sure to get to heaven,
like the captain of the school.

I was taught how to win
and to lose with that "get you next time" smile,
Learned Latin verbs in fear of a beating
and for years thought central heating,
was for just old people's homes.
I was raised on the past,
the Tower and Saint Paul's and Westminster
escorted well-bred girls to dances,
and learned to drive a horse in harness,
through the English countryside.
I was taught to behave, like an officer and a gentleman,
and when I finally marched from Sandhurst
I learned to put my fellow man first
and there was daily talk of war.
I spent 1938 in the United States of America,
I grew to love it's many faces,
and they had built some amazing places,
and I thought they'd come in on our side.

- Love at first sight -

Girls, oh there were girls
but they were just part of the social whirl
and I never took much notice
until the night that I met you.

Standing out there alone
out on the terrace under the moon
from the moment that I kissed you
my life turned into a dream.

I knew I loved you at first sight
and that you loved .. me.
Was it really happening, or was it a dream?
I asked if you'd be mine
feeding the white doves by the Serpentine
and when you said forever
I know that I almost cried.

You all in white
the tears and the laughing
nearly losing the damn ring
Yes, I do ... Yes, I will... keep you from harm.

Those few short days
we spent together
remembered forever
all the plans for the house and for the children.

I know I loved you at first sight
and that you loved..me.
Did it really happen then, or was it a dream?

I knew when I saw your face
opening orders, the time and the place
oh, don't worry it won't last long
and I won't be far away
I'll try to write every day.....

- Letters from the front -

Got your letters at the front today
if you like the house we'll buy it straight away.
Yes, it's great now you're a full-time nurse
but do be careful with the air-raids - getting worse.

Must end now .. the push is on...we're moving out...
all my love...see you soon.

I'm writing to you on a convoy moving west
it's hell out here but we're all trying to do our best.
I learned today that I get two weeks leave in June
this time I promise you a real honeymoon.

Must end now...take care my love...
you're all the world
to me my love...see you soon.

The telegram...dropped from my hand
she was all I had...I just don't understand
I see her now...in that white dress she wore
those eyes and that smile
no one else...nevermore.

Decorations and respect inside the club
aren't compensation when you lose the one you love.
But in the end, all that is left
Is the regiment and what it means
to be...an officer and a gentleman...