Freddie Mercury; Caballe Montserrat / Barcelona


Released 10.10.1988
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Mercury
1. Barcelona (5:39)
(#/Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran)
2. La Japonaise (4:49)
(#/Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran)
3. The Fallen Priest (5:46)
(#/Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran/Tim Rice)
4. Ensueno (4:21)
(#/Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran/Caballe Montserrat)
5. The Golden Boy (6:05)
(#/Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran/Tim Rice)
6. Guide Me Home (2:40)
(#/Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran)
7. How Can I Go on (4:01)
(#/Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran)
8. Overture Piccante (6:41)
(Freddie Mercury/Mike Moran)
Album ID 563
Production Freddie Mercury (Producer); Mike Moran (Producer); Dave Richards (Producer)
Studio London, Townhouse Studios (Recording Location); Montreux, Mountain Studios, Swiss (Recording Location)
Band Member Freddie Mercury (Vocals/Piano); Caballe Montserrat (Vocals); Mike Moran (Keyboards/Synthesizer)
Guest Musician Frank Ricotti (Percussion); Miriam Stockley (Vocals-Backing); Madeline Bell (Vocals-Backing); Lance Ellington (Vocals-Backing); Peter Straker (Vocals-Backing); John Deacon (Bass Guitar)

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