Dire Straits / Making Movies


Released 1980
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Vertigo
A1. Tunnel of Love (8:09)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
A2. Romeo and Juliet (5:47)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
A3. Skateaway (6:32)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
B1. Expresso Love (5:17)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
B2. Hand in Hand (4:50)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
B3. Solid Rock (3:18)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
B4. Les Boys (4:07)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
Album ID 471
Production Jimmy Iovine (Producer); Mark Knopfler (Producer)
Studio New York, Power Station (Recording Location)
Band Member Mark Knopfler (Guitar/Vocals); Pick Withers (Drums & Percussion); John Illsley (Bass Guitar); Roy Bittan (Keyboards)

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