10,000 Maniacs / MTV Unplugged


Cover 2
Released 26.10.1993
Discography Live
Format CD
Label Elektra
Venue N.Y. - Sony Music Studios
Date 26.10.1993
1. These Are the Days [Live] (4:54)
(#/Robert Buck/Natalie Merchant)
2. Eat for Two [Live] (4:22)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
3. Candy Everybody Wants [Live] (3:19)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
4. I'm Not the Man [Live] (3:46)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
5. Don't Talk [Live] (5:21)
(#/Natalie Merchant/Dennis Drew)
6. Hey Jack Kerouac [Live] (3:48)
(#/Robert Buck/Natalie Merchant)
7. What's the Matter Here [Live] (4:50)
(#/Robert Buck/Natalie Merchant)
8. Gold Rush Brides [Live] (4:11)
(#/Robert Buck/Natalie Merchant)
9. Like the Weather [Live] (4:14)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
10. Trouble Me [Live] (3:40)
(#/Natalie Merchant/Dennis Drew)
11. Jezebel [Live] (4:23)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
12. Because the Night [Live] (3:43)
(#/Bruce Springsteen/Patti Smith)
13. Stockton Gala Days [Live] (5:29)
(#/Robert Buck/Natalie Merchant/Dennis Drew/Jerome Augustyniak/Steve Gustafson)
14. Noah's Dove [Live] (5:07)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
Album ID 4
Production Paul Fox (Producer); Stephen Marcussen (Mastering)
Studio N. Y. Bearsville Studios (Mixing Location); Los Angeles, Precision Mastering (Mastering Location); New York, Sony Music Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Steve Gustafson (Acoustic Bass); Bill Dillon (Mandolin/Guitar); Atsuko Sato (Bassoon); Jane Scarpantoni (Cello); Jerry Marotta (Percussion); Mary Ramsey (Viola/Vocals-Backing); Morgan Fichter (Violin/Vocals-Backing); Richie Stearns (Banjo); Amanda Kramer (Organ/Piano); Jerome Augustyniak (Drums & Percussion); Robert Buck (Acoustic Guitar); Dennis Drew (Keyboards/Piano); Natalie Merchant (Vocals)

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