Hollywood Vampires / Hollywood Vampires


Released 11.09.2015
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label John Varvatos Records
Hollywood Vampires (LP 1)
A1. The Last Vampire (1:35)
(#/Johnny Depp/Bob Ezrin/Christopher Lee)
A2. Raise the Dead (3:31)
(#/Johnny Depp/Alice Cooper/Joe Perry/Tommy Henriksen/Bruce Witkin/Glen Sobel)
A3. My Generation (2:47)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A4. Whole Lotta Love (4:13)
(#/Robert Plant/Jimmy Page/John Bonham/John Paul Jones)
B1. I Got a Line on You (2:48)
(#/Randy California)
B2. Five to One / Break on Through (To the Other Side) (4:17)
(#/Jim Morrison/John Densmore/Ray Manzarek/Robby Krieger)
B3. One / Jump Into the Fire (5:07)
(#/Harry Nilsson)
Hollywood Vampires (LP 2)
A1. Come and Get it (2:59)
(#/Paul McCartney)
A2. Jeepster (2:42)
(#/Marc Bolan)
A3. Cold Turkey (3:07)
(#/John Lennon)
A4. Manic Depression (2:43)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
B1. Itchycoo Park (2:55)
B2. School's Out / Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (5:14)
(#/Alice Cooper/Michael Bruce/Glen Buxton/Denis Dunaway/Neal Smith/Roger Waters)
B3. My Dead Drunk Friends (4:30)
(#/Johnny Depp/Bob Ezrin/Alice Cooper/Bruce Witkin)
B4. I'm a Boy [Bonus] (1:39)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B5. Seven And Seven Is [Bonus] (1:56)
(#/Arthur Lee)
B6. As Bad as I Am [Bonus] (2:21)
(#/Johnny Depp/Tommy Henriksen/Bruce Witkin)
Album ID 3.174
Production Bob Ezrin (Producer)
Band Member Alice Cooper (Vocals); Joe Perry (Guitar); Johnny Depp (Guitar/Vocals); Tommy Henriksen (Guitar/Keyboards); Bruce Witkin (Bass Guitar); Glen Sobel (Drums & Percussion)

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