Earth, Wind & Fire / Heritage


Released 15.02.1990
Discography 15th Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. Interlude: Soweto [Instrumental] (0:36)
(Maurice White)
A2. Takin' Chances (3:30)
(#/Jeffrey Lee Pierce/Frankie Blue)
A3. Heritage (4:05)
(#/Maurice White/Jeffrey Lee Pierce/Frankie Blue)
A4. Good Time (4:05)
(#/Maurice White/Sly Stone/Robert Brookins)
A5. Interlude: Body Wrap [Instrumental] (0:24)
(Maurice White)
A6. Anything You Want (4:46)
(#/Ian Prince)
A7. Interlude: Bird [Instrumental] (0:37)
(Gary Bias)
A8. Wanna Be the Man / Earth, Wind & Fire feat. MC Hammer (4:21)
(#/Maurice White/Verdine White/Sheldon Reynolds/MC Hammer)
B1. Interlude: Close to Home [Instrumental] (1:35)
(Lyle Mays)
B2. Daydreamin' (4:01)
(#/Maurice White/Billy Young/Bernhard Spears/Victor Hill)
B3. King of Groove (5:20)
(#/Morris Butch Stewart)
B4. I'm in Love (4:01)
(#/Billy Young/Bernhard Spears/Victor Hill)
B5. For the Love of You / Earth, Wind & Fire feat. MC Hammer (4:27)
(#/Maurice White/Robert Brookins/MC Hammer/Stepanie Mills)
B6. Gotta Find Out (4:09)
(#/Billy Young/Bernhard Spears/Victor Hill)
B7. Motor (3:44)
(#/Maurice White/Jeffrey Lee Pierce/Frankie Blue)
B8. Interlude: Faith [Instrumental] (1:01)
(Billy Young)
B9. Welcome (4:04)
(#/Maurice White/Billy Young/Ralph Johnson)
B10. Soweto (Reprise) [Instrumental] (0:39)
(Maurice White)
Album ID 3.109
Production Maurice White (Producer)
Band Member Maurice White (Drums & Percussion/Piano/Vocals); Andrew Woolfolk (Saxophone); Philip Bailey (Vocals/Percussion); Ralph Johnson (Drums & Percussion/Vocals/Keyboards); Verdine White (Vocals/Bass Guitar/Percussion)

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