Brian Auger; Julie Driscoll & The Trinity / Once Upon a Time


Discography Compilation
Format 2 LP
Label Polydor
Once Upon a Time (Disc 1)
A1. This Wheel's on Fire (3:32)
(#/Bob Dylan/Rick Danko)
A2. Tramp (4:03)
(#/Lowell Fulson/Jimmy McCracklin)
A3. Day in the Life (5:06)
(#/John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
A4. Save the Country (4:00)
(#/Laura Nyro)
A5. Save Me (Part 1) (2:38)
(#/Aretha Franklin/Carolyn Franklin/Curtis Ousley)
B1. Indian Rope Man (3:00)
(Richie Havens/Joe Price/Mark Roth)
B2. Black Cat (3:22)
(Brian Auger)
B3. Take Me to the Water (4:00)
(#/Nina Simone)
B4. A Kind of Love In (2:25)
(Brian Auger/Julie Driscoll)
B5. Goodbye Jungle Telegraph [Instrumental] (6:02)
(Brian Auger)
Once Upon a Time (Disc 2)
A1. Season of the Witch (7:42)
A2. I've Got Life (4:30)
(Galt MacDermot/James Rado/Gerome Ragni)
A3. Light My Fire (4:30)
(#/Jim Morrison)
A4. Marai's Wedding (Instrumental) (4:21)
B1. Let the Sunshine in (3:05)
(Galt MacDermot/James Rado/Gerome Ragni)
B2. Red Beans and Rice (5:32)
B3. Truth (7:41)
B4. Road to Cairo (5:20)
(#/David Ackles)
Album ID 2.926

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