Yardbirds / Reflection -the Yardbirds


Released 1981
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label Fontana
A1. For Your Love (2:26)
(#/Graham Gouldman)
A2. Evil Hearted Woman (2:23)
(Jim McCarty/Paul Samwell-Smith)
A3. Got to Hurry [Instrumental] (2:25)
(Giorgio Gomelsky)
A4. Heart Full of Soul (2:20)
(Jim McCarty/Paul Samwell-Smith)
A5. I Wish You Would (2:17)
(Billy Boy Arnold)
A6. Hang on Sloopy (5:27)
(Bert Russell/Wes Farrell)
B1. Still I'm Sad (2:57)
(#/Jim McCarty/Paul Samwell-Smith)
B2. The Train Kept a Rolling (Part I) (2:42)
(Tiny Bradshaw/Howard Kay/Syd Nathan)
B3. Steeled Blues [Instrumental] (2:29)
(Jeff Beck/Keith Relf)
B4. The Train Kept a Rolling (Part II) (3:22)
(Tiny Bradshaw/Howard Kay/Syd Nathan)
B5. Good Morning Little School Girl (2:45)
(#/H.G. Demarais)
B6. I'm Not Talking (2:29)
(Mose Allison)
Album ID 288

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