Billy Joel / The Nylon Curtain


Released 23.06.1982
Discography 08th Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. Allentown (3:50)
(#/Billy Joel)
A2. Laura (5:02)
(#/Billy Joel)
A3. Pressure (4:38)
(#/Billy Joel)
A4. Goodnight Saigon (6:58)
(#/Billy Joel)
B1. She's Right on Time (4:11)
(#/Billy Joel)
B2. A Room of Our Own (4:00)
(#/Billy Joel)
B3. Surprises (3:28)
(#/Billy Joel)
B4. Scandinavian Skies (5:59)
(#/Billy Joel)
B5. Where's the Orchestra ? (3:16)
(#/Billy Joel)
Album ID 2.842
Production Phil Ramone (Producer)
Studio New York, A&R Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Billy Joel (Vocals/Piano); Liberty DeVitto (Drums & Percussion); Doug Stegmeyer (Bass Guitar); David Brown (Guitar); Russell Javors (Guitar)

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