Les Dudek / Gypsy Ride


Released 1981
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. What's Lost is Truly Gone (3:29)
(Les Dudek)
A2. Deja Vu (Da Voodoo's in You) (4:09)
(Les Dudek)
A3. Sacrifice the Fool (3:13)
(Les Dudek)
A4. Forever or Never (4:40)
(Les Dudek)
A5. Too Damn Dizzy (3:43)
(Les Dudek)
B1. Call Me Later (3:30)
(Les Dudek)
B2. Gypsy Ride (3:08)
(Les Dudek)
B3. Hey Chicky Chicky (4:01)
(Les Dudek)
B4. Don't Trust That Woman (4:24)
(Les Dudek/Cher)
B5. I'm O.K. (4:06)
(Les Dudek)
Album ID 2.673
Production Les Dudek (Producer)
Band Member Les Dudek (Vocals/Guitar); Gary Ferguson (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Jerry Knight (Vocals-Backing); Mike Finnigan (Organ); James Newton Howard (Piano); Mark Hudson (Vocals-Backing)

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