Stephen Stills / Stills


Released 23.06.1975
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Columbia
A1. Turn Back the Pages (4:05)
(#/Donnie Dacus/Stephen Stills)
A2. My Favorite Changes (2:53)
(#/Stephen Stills)
A3. My Angel (2:19)
(#/Stephen Stills/Dallas Taylor)
A4. In the Way (3:37)
(#/Stephen Stills)
A5. Love Story (4:15)
(#/Stephen Stills)
A6. To Mama From Christopher and the Old Man (2:15)
(#/Stephen Stills)
B1. First Things First (2:16)
(#/Stephen Stills/Joe Schermie)
B2. New Mama (2:30)
(#/Neil Young)
B3. As I Come of Age (2:36)
(#/Stephen Stills)
B4. Shuffle Just as Bad (2:42)
(#/Stephen Stills)
B5. Cold Cold World (4:35)
(#/Donnie Dacus/Stephen Stills)
B6. Myth of Sisyphus (4:16)
(#/Stephen Stills/Kenny Passarelli)
Album ID 2.581
Production Stephen Stills (Producer); Bill Halverson (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Record Plant (Recording Location); Miami, FL - Criteria Studios (Recording Location); London, Island Studios (Recording Location); Nederland, CO, Caribou Ranch (Recording Location)
Band Member Stephen Stills (Vocals/Guitar/Bass Guitar/Piano); Donnie Dacus (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Joe Lala (Percussion); Jerry Aiello (Organ); Kenny Passarelli (Vocals-Backing/Bass Guitar); Leland Sklar (Bass Guitar); Dallas Taylor (Drums & Percussion); Russ Kunkel (Drums & Percussion); Jim Fox (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Danny Hutton (Vocals); Peggy Clinger (Vocals); George Terry; Rick Roberts (Vocals); David Crosby (Vocals); Graham Nash (Vocals); Ringo Starr (Drums & Percussion); Betty Wright (Vocals)

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