Velvet Underground / The Velvet Underground & Nico


Released 01.10.2012
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Verve
1. Sunday Morning (2:55)
(#/Lou Reed/John Cale)
2. I'm Waiting for the Man (4:39)
(#/Lou Reed)
3. Femme Fatale (2:39)
(#/Lou Reed)
4. Venus in Furs (5:12)
(#/Lou Reed)
5. Run Run Run (4:22)
(#/Lou Reed)
6. All Tomorrow's Parties (6:00)
(#/Lou Reed)
7. Heroin (7:12)
(#/Lou Reed)
8. There She Goes Again (2:41)
(#/Lou Reed)
9. I'll Be Your Mirror (2:14)
(#/Lou Reed)
10. The Black Angel's Death Song (3:11)
(#/Lou Reed/John Cale)
11. European Son (7:51)
(#/Lou Reed/John Cale/Maureen Tucker/Sterling Morrison)
12. Little Sister [Bonus] (4:28)
(Lou Reed/John Cale)
13. Winter Song [Bonus] (3:22)
(John Cale)
14. It Was a Pleasure Then [Bonus] (8:06)
(Lou Reed/John Cale/Nico)
15. Chelsea Girls [Bonus] (7:28)
(Lou Reed/Sterling Morrison)
16. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams [Bonus] (5:06)
(Lou Reed)
Album ID 2.561
Production Tom Wilson (Producer); Andy Warhol (Producer)
Studio New York, Scepter Records (Recording Location); Hollywood, TTG Studios (Recording Location); New York, Atlantic Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Lou Reed (Guitar/Vocals); Maureen Tucker (Drums & Percussion); John Cale (Guitar/Vocals); Nico (Vocals); Sterling Morrison (Guitar/Bass Guitar)

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