Caravan / Profile


Released 1979
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label Decca
A1. Memory Lain, Hugh (5:00)
(#/Pye Hastings)
A2. Headloss (4:19)
(#/Pye Hastings)
A3. The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again (5:53)
(#/Pye Hastings)
A4. Songs & Signs (3:39)
B1. Hoedown (3:10)
(#/Pye Hastings)
B2. The World Is Yours (3:41)
(#/Pye Hastings/Richard Coughlan/Richard Sinclair)
B3. Aristocracy [Bonus] (3:42)
(#/Pye Hastings/Richard Coughlan/Richard Sinclair)
B4. Golf Girl (5:01)
(#/Pye Hastings/Richard Coughlan/Richard Sinclair/David Sinclair)
B5. If I Could Do it All Over Again, I'd Do it All Over You (3:07)
(#/Pye Hastings/Richard Coughlan)
Album ID 2.561
Production David Hitchcock (Producer)
Studio London, Decca Studios (Recording Location); London, Air Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Pye Hastings (Guitar/Vocals); Richard Coughlan (Drums & Percussion); David Sinclair (Keyboards/Synthesizer/Piano); Jimmy Hastings (Flute/Saxophone); Geoff Richardson (Guitar/Viola/Flute); Richard Sinclair (Vocals/Bass Guitar)
Guest Musician Jimmy Hastings (Flute/Saxophone); Dave Grinstead (Percussion-Various)

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