Grace Slick / Dreams


Released 18.03.1980
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label RCA
A1. Dreams (5:04)
(Sean Delaney)
A2. El Diablo (5:52)
(Gary Gegan)
A3. Face to the Wind (5:34)
(Scott Zito)
A4. Angel of Night (3:49)
(Scott Zito)
A5. Seasons (3:23)
(Grace Slick)
B1. Do it the Hard Way (4:54)
(Grace Slick)
B2. Full Moon Man (5:05)
(Grace Slick)
B3. Let it Go (6:32)
(Grace Slick)
B4. Garden of Man (6:23)
(Grace Slick)
Album ID 2.546
Production Ron Frangipane (Producer)
Studio New York, The Hit Factory (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Record Plant (Recording Location)
Band Member Grace Slick (Vocals); Ron Frangipane (Synthesizer); Neil Jason (Bass Guitar); Allan Schwartzberg (Drums & Percussion); Scott Zito (Guitar/Vocals); Jim Malin (Percussion)
Guest Musician Frank Owens (Piano); Artie Kaplan (Saxophone)

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