Judy Collins / Judith


Released 03.1975
Discography 10th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Elektra
A1. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (2:59)
(#/Jimmy Webb)
A2. Angel, Spread Your Wings (3:05)
(#/Danny O'Keefe)
A3. Houses (4:32)
(#/Judy Collins)
A4. The Lovin' Of the Game (3:03)
(#/Pat Garvey)
A5. Song for Duke (3:33)
(#/Judy Collins)
A6. Send in the Clowns (3:57)
(#/Stephen Sondheim)
B1. Salt of the Earth (3:59)
(#/Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
B2. Brother Can You Spare a Dime (3:12)
(#/Yip Harburg/Jay Gorney)
B3. City of New Orleans (4:07)
(#/Steve Goodman)
B4. I'll Be Seeing You (3:44)
(#/Sammy Fain/Irving Kahal)
B5. Pirate Ships (2:42)
(#/Wendy Waldman)
B6. Born to the Breed (4:45)
(#/Judy Collins)
Album ID 2.541
Production Arif Mardin (Producer)
Studio New York, A&R Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Judy Collins (Vocals/Piano); Gene Orloff (Violin); Tony Levin (Bass Guitar); Steve Gadd (Drums & Percussion); Ken Ascher (Piano); David Spinozza (Guitar); Hugh McCracken (Guitar); John Beal (Bass Guitar); Charles McCracken (Cello); Kermit Moore (Cello); Eric Weissberg (Guitar); Charlie Brown (Guitar); Pat Rebillot (Organ); Steve Goodman (Vocals-Backing/Guitar)

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