Pendragon / The Masquerade Overture


Released 2013
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Madfish
The Masquerade Overture (LP 1)
A1. The Maquerade Overture (3:04)
(#/Nick Barrett)
A2. As Good as Gold (7:15)
(#/Nick Barrett)
A3. Paintbox (8:39)
(#/Nick Barrett)
B1. The Pursuit of Excellence (2:37)
(#/Nick Barrett)
B2. Guardian of My Soul (12:42)
(#/Nick Barrett)
The Masquerade Overture (LP 2)
A1. The Shadow (9:52)
(#/Nick Barrett)
A2. Masters of Illusion (12:52)
(#/Nick Barrett)
B1. Bird of Paradise [Bonus] (6:55)
(#/Nick Barrett)
B2. Midnight Running [Bonus] (7:44)
(#/Nick Barrett)
B3. A Million Miles Away [Bonus] (3:22)
(#/Nick Barrett)
Album ID 2.531
Production Nick Barrett (Producer)
Studio Halway Houses Maidenhead UK (Recording Location)
Band Member Nick Barrett (Guitar/Vocals); Clive Nolan (Keyboards); Peter Gee (Bass Guitar); Fudge Smith (Drums & Percussion)

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