Terry & the Pirates / The Doubtful Handshake


Released 1980
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Line Records
A1. Ain´t Livin´ Long Like This (4:36)
(Rodney Crowell)
A2. Inside & Out (3:10)
(Terry Dolan)
A3. Into the Wind (3:18)
(Terry Dolan)
A4. Inlaws and Outlaws (6:02)
(Terry Dolan)
B1. Montana Eyes (4:34)
(Terry Dolan)
B2. Highway (4:07)
(John Cippolina)
B3. I Put a Spell on You (4:35)
(#/Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
B4. All Worth the Price You Pay (5:27)
(Greg Douglass)
B5. Td's Natural Blues [Bonus] (1:51)
B6. Walking the Plank [Bonus] (2:18)
Album ID 2.528
Production John Cippolina (Producer); Terry Dolan (Producer)
Band Member John Cippolina (Guitar); Terry Dolan (Vocals/Guitar); Greg Douglass (Guitar); David Hayes (Bass Guitar); Jeff Myer (Drums & Percussion)

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