Beach Boys / Pet Sounds


Released 16.05.1966
Discography 11th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Capitol
1. Wouldn't it Be Nice (2:25)
(#/Brian Wilson/Mike Love/Tony Asher)
2. You Still Believe in Me (2:34)
(#/Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)
3. That's Not Me (2:30)
(#/Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)
4. Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (2:54)
(#/Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)
5. I'm Waiting for the Day (3:06)
(#/Brian Wilson/Mike Love)
6. Let's Go Away for Awhile [Instrumental] (2:21)
(Brian Wilson)
7. Sloop John B (3:00)
8. God Only Knows (2:52)
(#/Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)
9. I Know There's an Answer (3:11)
(#/Brian Wilson/Mike Love/Terry Sachen)
10. Here Today (2:55)
(#/Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)
11. I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (3:15)
(#/Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)
12. Pet Sounds [Instrumental] (2:23)
(Brian Wilson)
13. Caroline No (2:53)
(#/Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)
Album ID 2.497
Production Brian Wilson (Producer)
Studio Hollywood, Sunset Sound Recorders (Recording Location); Hollywood, Columbia Recording Studio (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Gold Star Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Brian Wilson (Vocals-Lead/Organ/Vocals/Piano); Mike Love (Vocals-Lead); Carl Wilson (Guitar-Electric/Vocals-Lead); Dennis Wilson (Drums & Percussion); Bruce Johnston (Vocals); Al Jardine (Vocals-Lead)
Guest Musician Barney Kessel (Mandolin/Guitar-Electric); Al De Lory (Piano/Harpsichord/Organ/Zither); Carol Kaye (Bass Guitar); Frank Capp (Timpani/Gong Chimes/Vibraphone/Percussion-Various); Hal Blaine (Percussion); Jay Migliori (Saxophone/Baritone Saxophone); Jerry Cole (Guitar-Electric); Larry Knechtel (Organ); Lyle Ritz (Double bass/Ukelele); Plas Johnson (Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone/Flute); Ray Pohlman (Mandolin/Guitar-Electric); Roy Caton (Trumpet); Steve Douglas (Saxophone/Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone); Jim Horn (Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone); Julius Wechter (Percussion-Various/Vibraphone); Glen Campbell (Guitar-Electric); Billy Strange (Guitar-Electric); Jim Gordon (Drums & Percussion); Al Casey (Guitar-Electric); Jack Nimitz (Baritone Saxophone); Don Randi (Piano); Paul Horn (Tenor Saxophone); Mike Deasy (Guitar-Electric); Chuck Berghofer (Double bass); Mike Melvoin (Harpsichord); Paul Tanner (Trombone); Tommy Tedesco (Acoustic Guitar)

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