Lana Del Rey / Born to Die


Released 27.01.2012
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Universal
1. Born to Die (4:46)
(#/Justin Parker/Lana Del Rey)
2. Off to the Races (4:59)
(#/Lana Del Rey/Tim Larcombe)
3. Blue Jeans (3:29)
(#/Lana Del Rey/Dan Heath/Emile Haynie)
4. Video Games (4:41)
(#/Justin Parker/Lana Del Rey)
5. Diet Mountain Dew (3:42)
(#/Lana Del Rey/Mike Daly)
6. National Anthem (3:50)
(#/Justin Parker/Lana Del Rey)
7. Dark Paradise (4:03)
(#/Lana Del Rey/Rick Nowels)
8. Radio (3:34)
(#/Justin Parker/Lana Del Rey)
9. Carmen (4:08)
(#/Justin Parker/Lana Del Rey)
10. Million Dollar Man (3:51)
(#/Lana Del Rey/Chris Braide)
11. Summertime Sadness (4:25)
(#/Lana Del Rey/Rick Nowels)
12. This is What Makes Us Girls (4:00)
(#/Lana Del Rey/Tim Larcombe/Jim Irvin)
Album ID 2.349
Production Emile Haynie (Producer); Jeff Bhasker (Producer); Rick Nowels (Producer)
Band Member Lana Del Rey (Vocals); Emile Haynie (Keyboards/Drums & Percussion); Larry Gold (Strings); Jeff Bhasker (Guitar); Rick Nowels (Guitar)

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