Spock's Beard / V


Released 22.08.2000
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label InSideOut Music
1. At the End of the Day (16:28)
(#/Neal Morse)
2. Revelation (6:05)
(#/Neal Morse/Dave Meros/Ryo Okumoto/Alan Morse/Nick D'Virgilio)
3. Thoughts, Part Ll (4:39)
(#/Neal Morse/Dave Meros)
4. All on a Sunday (4:04)
(#/Neal Morse)
5. Goodbye to Yesterday (4:39)
(#/Neal Morse)
6. The Great Nothing (27:01)
(#/Neal Morse)
Album ID 2.344
Production Neal Morse (Producer)
Studio Pasadena,CA, Lawnmower and Garden Supply (Recording Location)
Band Member Neal Morse (Guitar/Vocals); Dave Meros (Bass Guitar); Ryo Okumoto (Keyboards-Various); Alan Morse (Guitar); Nick D'Virgilio (Drums & Percussion/Vocals)

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