Journey / Journey


Released 01.04.1975
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. Of a Lifetime (6:54)
(#/George Tickner/Gregg Rolie/Neal Schon)
2. In the Morning Day (4:26)
(#/Gregg Rolie/Ross Valory)
3. Kohoutek [Instrumental] (6:45)
(Gregg Rolie/Neal Schon)
4. To Play Some Music (3:19)
(#/Gregg Rolie/Neal Schon)
5. Topaz [Instrumental] (6:11)
(George Tickner)
6. In My Lonely Feeling / Conversations (5:00)
(#/Gregg Rolie/Ross Valory)
7. Mystery Mountain (4:23)
(#/Gregg Rolie/Diane Valory)
Album ID 2.287
Production Roy Halee (Producer/Engineer); Bob Ludwig (Mastering); Vic Anesini (Mastering); George Horn (Mastering)
Studio San Francisco, CBS Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Gregg Rolie (Keyboards-Various/Vocals); Ross Valory (Bass Guitar/Piano/Vocals); George Tickner (Guitar); Neal Schon (Guitar/Vocals); Prairie Prince (Drums & Percussion); Aynsley Dunbar (Drums & Percussion)

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