Birdy / Birdy


Released 04.11.2011
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Atlantic
1. 1901 (5:09)
(#/Thomas Mars)
2. Skinny Love (3:23)
(#/Justin Vernon)
3. People Help the People (4:16)
(#/Simon Aldred)
4. White Winter Hymnal (2:17)
(#/Robin Pecknold)
5. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (4:44)
(#/Ben Gibbard/Jimmy Tamborello)
6. I'll Never Forget You (3:47)
(#/Francis and the Lights)
7. Young Blood (4:04)
(#/Aaron Short/Alisa Xayalith/Thom Powers)
8. Shelter (3:44)
(#/Jamie Smith/Oliver Sim/Romy Madley Croft)
9. Fire and Rain (3:07)
(#/James Taylor)
10. Without a Word (4:46)
11. Terrible Love (4:43)
(#/Aaron Dessner/Matthew Berninger)
Album ID 2.207
Production Alex H.N.Gilbert (Producer); James Ford (Producer); Jim Abbiss (Producer)
Band Member Alessandro Cortini (Synthesizer); Kirk Hellie (Guitar-Electric); Matt Chamberlain (Drums & Percussion); Alex McNaghten (Bass Guitar); Alex McNaughten (Bass Guitar); Jim Abbiss (Drum Programming); Leo Abrahams (Guitar-Electric); Neil Cowley (Piano); Rosie Danvers (Cello); Stephen Webster Mair (Double bass); Wally Gagel (Bass Guitar)

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