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Released 10.1975
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label EMI
1. The Undercover Man (7:32)
(Peter Hammill)
2. Scorched Earth (9:43)
(Peter Hammill/David Jackson)
3. Arrow (9:47)
(Peter Hammill)
4. The Sleepwalkers (10:41)
(Peter Hammill)
5. Forsaken Garden's [Live/Bonus] (7:58)
(Peter Hammill)
6. A Louse is Not a Home [Live/Bonus] (12:47)
(Peter Hammill)
Album ID 2.123
Production Peter Hammill (Producer); Hugh Banton (Producer); Guy Evans (Producer); David Jackson (Producer)
Studio Monmouth, Wales, Rockfield Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member David Jackson (Flute/Saxophone); Guy Evans (Drums & Percussion); Hugh Banton (Bass Guitar/Organ); Peter Hammill (Vocals/Guitar-Electric/Piano)

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