Roger McGuinn / Roger Mcguinn & Band


Released 06.1975
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. Somebody Loves You (3:14)
(#/Stephen A. Love/Allen L. Kemp)
A2. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (3:19)
(#/Bob Dylan)
A3. Bulldog (2:00)
(#/Richard Bowden)
A4. Painted Lady (3:06)
(#/Greg Attaway/David Lovelace)
A5. Lover of the Bayou (3:26)
(#/Roger McGuinn/Jacques Levy)
B1. Lisa (1:56)
(#/Roger McGuinn)
B2. Circle Song (3:04)
(#/David Lovelace)
B3. So Long (3:12)
(#/Richard Bowden)
B4. Easy Does it (2:40)
(#/Roger McGuinn)
B5. Born to Rock and Roll (3:16)
(#/Roger McGuinn)
Album ID 212
Production John Boylan (Producer)
Band Member Roger McGuinn (Vocals/Guitar); Stephen A. Love (Bass Guitar); Richard Bowden (Guitar); David Lovelace (Keyboards); Greg Attaway (Drums & Percussion)

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