Joni Mitchell / The Hissing of Summer Lawns


Cover 2
Released 11.1975
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Asylum
1. In France They Kiss on Main Street (3:19)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
2. The Jungle Line (4:26)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
3. Edith and the Kingpin (3:37)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
4. Don't Interrupt the Sorrow (4:05)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
5. Shades of Scarlet Conquering (4:59)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
6. The Hissing of Summer Lawns (3:01)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
7. The Boho Dance (3:50)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
8. Harry's House/Centerpiece (6:48)
(#/Joni Mitchell/Johnny Mandel/Jon Hendricks)
9. Sweet Bird (4:12)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
10. Shadows and Light (4:17)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
Album ID 2.053
Production Joni Mitchell (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, A&M Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Joni Mitchell (Guitar/Vocals); Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Steel-Guitar); John Guerin (Drums & Percussion); Max Bennett (Bass Guitar); Robben Ford (Guitar-Electric); Victor Feldman (Piano/Percussion-Various); Chuck Findley (Horn/Trumpet); Joe Sample (Piano/Keyboards); Larry Carlton (Guitar-Electric); Wilton Felder (Bass Guitar); Bud Shank (Horn)
Guest Musician David Crosby (Vocals); Graham Nash (Vocals); James Taylor (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar)

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