Eric Clapton / No Reason to Cry


Released 08.1976
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Polygram
1. Beautiful Thing (4:26)
(#/Richard Manuel/Rick Danko)
2. Carnival (3:44)
(#/Eric Clapton)
3. Sign Language (2:58)
(#/Bob Dylan)
4. County Jail Blues (4:00)
(#/Alfred Fields)
5. All Our Past Times (4:40)
(#/Rick Danko/Eric Clapton)
6. Hello Old Friend (3:36)
(#/Eric Clapton)
7. Double Trouble (4:23)
(#/Otis Rush)
8. Innocent Times (4:11)
(#/Eric Clapton/Marcy Levy)
9. Hungry (4:39)
(#/Marcy Levy/Dick Sims)
10. Black Summer Rain (4:55)
(#/Eric Clapton)
11. Last Night (4:52)
(#/Walter Jacobs)
Album ID 2.016
Production Carl Radle (Associate Producer); Ed Anderson (Engineer); Eric Clapton (Associate Producer); Nat Jeffrey (Engineer); Rob Fraboni (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, The Village Recorder (Recording Location); Malibu, CA Shangri La Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Billy Preston (Keyboards-Various/Vocals-Backing); Carl Radle (Bass Guitar); Dick Sims (Keyboards-Various/Organ); Eric Clapton (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Garth Hudson (Organ); George Terry (Guitar-Electric); Jamie Oldaker (Drums & Percussion); Levon Helm (Drums & Percussion); Marcy Levy (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Richard Manuel (Piano/Vocals-Backing); Rick Danko (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Robbie Robertson (Guitar-Electric); Ron Wood (Guitar-Electric); Sergio Pastora Rodriguez (Percussion-Various); Yvonne Elliman (Vocals-Backing)

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