Eric Clapton / Money and Cigarettes


Released 02.1983
Discography 08th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Everybody Oughta Make a Change (3:17)
(#/Sleepy John Estes)
2. The Shape You're in (4:10)
(#/Eric Clapton)
3. Ain't Going Down (4:02)
(#/Eric Clapton)
4. I've Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart (3:13)
(#/Eddie Setser/Steve Diamond/Troy Seals)
5. Man Overboard (3:47)
(#/Eric Clapton)
6. Pretty Girl (5:31)
(#/Eric Clapton)
7. Man in Love (2:47)
(#/Eric Clapton)
8. Crosscut Saw (3:31)
(#/R.G. Ford)
9. Slow Down Linda (4:16)
(#/Eric Clapton)
10. Crazy Country Hop (2:48)
(#/Johnny Otis)
Album ID 1.825
Production Tom Dowd (Producer)
Studio Nassau, Bahamas, Compass Point Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Albert Lee (Acoustic Guitar/Guitar-Electric/Keyboards-Various/Vocals); Chuck Kirkpatrick (Vocals-Backing); Donald "Duck" Dunn (Bass Guitar); Eric Clapton (Vocals/Guitar-Electric); John Sambataro (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Roger Hawkins (Drums & Percussion); Ry Cooder (Guitar-Electric)

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