King Crimson / In the Wake of Poseidon


Released 15.05.1970
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Polydor
A1. Peace - A Beginning (0:50)
(#/Robert Fripp/Peter Sinfield)
A2. Pictures of a City (8:01)
(#/Robert Fripp/Peter Sinfield)
A3. Cadence and Cascade (4:37)
(#/Robert Fripp/Peter Sinfield)
A4. In the Wake of Poseidon (7:56)
(#/Robert Fripp/Peter Sinfield)
A5. Peace - A Theme [Instrumental] (1:15)
(Robert Fripp)
B1. Cat Food (4:55)
(#/Robert Fripp/Peter Sinfield/Ian McDonald)
B2. The Devil's Triangle [Instrumental] (11:34)
(Robert Fripp/RobIan McDonald)
B3. Peace - An End (1:52)
(#/Robert Fripp/Peter Sinfield)
Album ID 182
Production Peter Sinfield (Producer); Robert Fripp (Mastering/Producer); Simon Heyworth (Mastering)
Studio London, Wessex Sound Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Keith Tippett (Piano); Mel Collins (Saxophone/Flute); Michael Giles (Drums & Percussion); Peter Giles (Bass Guitar); Robert Fripp (Guitar-Electric)

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