Joe Jackson / Body and Soul


Released 1984
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format CD
Label A&M Records
1. The Verdict (5:33)
(#/Joe Jackson)
2. Cha Cha Loco (4:46)
(#/Joe Jackson)
3. Not Here, Not Now (5:29)
(#/Joe Jackson)
4. You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) (4:54)
(#/Joe Jackson)
5. Go for it (4:17)
(#/Joe Jackson)
6. Loisaida [Instrumental] (5:35)
(Joe Jackson)
7. Happy Ending (3:38)
(#/Joe Jackson)
8. Be My Number Two (4:19)
(#/Joe Jackson)
9. Heart of Ice (6:57)
(#/Joe Jackson)
Album ID 1.805
Production David Kershenbaum (Producer); Joe Jackson (Producer)
Band Member Ed Roynesdal (Keyboards-Various/Violin); Elaine Caswell (Vocals-Backing); Ellen Foley (Vocals-Backing); Gary Burke (Drums & Percussion); Graham Maby (Bass Guitar); Joe Jackson (Piano/Saxophone/Vocals); Michael Morreale (Trumpet); Tony Aiello (Saxophone/Flute); Vinnie Zummo (Guitar-Electric)

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