Eric Clapton / Behind The Sun


Released 11.03.1985
Discography 09th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. She's Waiting (4:55)
(#/Eric Clapton/Peter Robinson)
2. See What Love Can Do (3:58)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
3. Same Old Blues (8:15)
(#/Eric Clapton)
4. Knock On Wood (3:19)
(#/Eddie Floyd/Steve Cropper)
5. Something's Happening (3:23)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
6. Forever Man (3:13)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
7. It All Depends (5:05)
(#/Eric Clapton)
8. Tangled In Love (4:11)
(#/Marcy Levy/Richard Feldman)
9. Never Make You Cry (6:06)
(#/Eric Clapton/Phil Collins)
10. Just Like A Prisoner (5:29)
(#/Eric Clapton)
11. Behind The Sun (2:13)
(#/Eric Clapton)
Album ID 1.739
Production Phil Collins (Producer); Ted Templeman (Producer); Keith Blake (Mastering); Nick Launay (Engineer)
Studio London, Air Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Eric Clapton (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Chris Stainton (Organ/Synthesizer/Piano); Donald "Duck" Dunn (Bass Guitar); Jamie Oldaker (Drums & Percussion/Vocals-Backing); Marcy Levy (Vocals-Backing); Peter Robinson (Synthesizer); Phil Collins (Percussion-Various/Drums & Percussion/Vocals/Vocals-Backing/Synthesizer); Ray Cooper (Percussion-Various); Shaun Murphy (Vocals-Backing); Jeff Porcaro (Drums & Percussion); Jerry Lynn Williams (Vocals-Backing); Lenny Castro (Percussion-Various); Michael Omartian (Synthesizer); Nathan East (Bass Guitar); Steve Lukather (Guitar-Electric)

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