Dolly Parton / Slow Dancing with the Moon


Released 1993
Discography 31st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. Full Circle (3:56)
(#/Dolly Parton/Mac Davis)
2. Romeo (3:34)
(#/Dolly Parton)
3. (You Got Me Over) A Heartache Tonight / Dolly Parton with Billy Dean (3:04)
(#/Dolly Parton/Larry Weiss)
4. What Will Baby Be (3:24)
(#/Dolly Parton)
5. More Where That Came From (3:14)
(#/Dolly Parton)
6. Put a Little Love in Your Heart (2:27)
(#/Jackie DeShannon/Jimmy Holiday/Randy Myers)
7. Why Can't We (3:48)
(#/James Allen Shamblin II,/Austin Cunningham/Chuck Cannon)
8. I'll Make Your Bed (3:17)
(#/Dolly Parton)
9. Whenever Forever Comes / Dolly Parton with Collin Raye (3:26)
(#/Dolly Parton)
10. Cross My Heart (3:31)
(#/Frank Dycus/Rachel Dennison/Randy Parton)
11. Slow Dancing with the Moon (3:28)
(#/Mac Davis)
12. High and Mighty (3:08)
(#/Dolly Parton)
Album ID 1.718
Production Cari Landers (Associate Producer); Denny Purcell (Mastering); Dolly Parton (Producer); Gary Paczosa (Engineer/Mixing); John Hurley (Assistant Engineer); John Kunz (Assistant Engineer); Steve Buckingham (Producer); Margie Hunt (Executive Producer)
Band Member Bruce Watkins (Acoustic Guitar); Howard Smith (Vocals-Backing); Jennifer O'Brien-Enoch (Vocals-Backing); Jimmy Mattingly (Mandolin/Violin); Joey Miskulin (Accordion); John Barlow Jarvis (Piano); John Hughey (Guitar-Electric); Kent Wells (Guitar-Electric); Michael Davis (Keyboards-Various); Mitch Humphries (Piano); Paul Franklin (Guitar-Electric); Paul Hollowell (Piano); Paul Uhrig (Bass Guitar); Richard Dennison (Vocals-Backing); Sonny Garrish (Guitar-Electric); Steve Gibson (Mandolin); Steve Turner (Drums & Percussion); Terry McMillian (Percussion-Various/Harmonica); Vicki Hampton (Vocals-Backing); Billy Ray Cyrus (Vocals); Kathy Mattea (Vocals); Mary Chapin Carpenter (Vocals); Pam Tillis (Vocals); Tanya Tucker (Vocals); Billy Dean (Vocals); Paddy Corcoran (Bagpipe); Jo-El Sonnier (Accordion); Marty Stuart (Mandolin); Chet Atkins (Guitar); Collin Raye (Vocals)

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