Weather Report / The Best Of Weather Report


Released 2002
Discography Compilation
Format CD
Label Legacy
1. Birdland [Instrumental] (5:58)
(Joe Zawinul/Jon Hendricks)
2. Mysterious Traveller [Instrumental] (7:21)
3. Boogie Woogie Waltz [Instrumental] (13:04)
4. The Elders [Instrumental] (4:20)
5. Night Passage [Instrumental] (6:32)
6. Freezing Fire [Instrumental] (7:28)
7. A Remark You Made [Instrumental] (6:52)
(Joe Zawinul)
8. Elegant People [Instrumental] (5:05)
9. Man In The Green Shirt [Instrumental] (6:28)
10. Blackthorn Rose [Instrumental] (4:59)
11. Black Market [Instrumental] (6:29)
Album ID 1.646
Production Brian Risner (Assistant Engineer/Engineer); Jaco Pastorius (Producer); Jerry Hudgins (Assistant Engineer/Engineer); Joe Zawinul (Producer); Wayne Shorter (Associate Producer/Producer); George Massenburg (Engineer); Mark Wilder (Mastering)
Band Member Jaco Pastorius (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Joe Zawinul (Piano/Synthesizer/Keyboards-Various/Vocals); Manolo Badrena (Percussion-Various); Wayne Shorter (Soprano/Tenor Saxophone/Soprano Saxophone/Saxophone); Alphonso Johnson (Bass Guitar); Dom Um Romao (Percussion-Various); Fender Rhodes (Keyboards-Various); Ishmael Wilburn (Drums & Percussion); Skip Hadden (Drums & Percussion); Andrew White (Bass Guitar); Herschel Dwellingham (Drums & Percussion); Miroslav Vitous (Bass Guitar); Muruga (Percussion-Various); Peter Erskine (Drums & Percussion); Robert Thomas (Percussion-Various); Alex Acuña (Drums & Percussion/Percussion-Various); Chester C. Thompson (Drums & Percussion); Don Alias (Percussion-Various); Narada Michael Walden (Drums & Percussion)

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