Humble Pie / The Crust of...


Released 1970
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label Emidisc
A1. Natural Born Boogie (4:11)
(#/Steve Marriott)
A2. Cold Lady (3:22)
(#/Jerry Shirley)
A3. A Nifty Little Number Like You (2:25)
(#/Steve Marriott)
A4. Desperation (7:20)
(#/John Kay)
A5. Wrist Job (4:10)
(#/Steve Marriott)
B1. The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake (2:58)
(#/Steve Marriott)
B2. Home and Away (5:53)
(#/Peter Frampton/Greg Ridley)
B3. As Safe as Yesterday (6:03)
(#/Peter Frampton/Steve Marriott)
B4. Take Me Back (4:53)
(#/Peter Frampton)
B5. Alabama 69 (4:33)
(#/Steve Marriott)
Album ID 163
Band Member Peter Frampton (Guitar/Vocals); Steve Marriott (Guitar/Vocals); Greg Ridley (Bass); Jerry Shirley (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Lyn Dobson (Flute/Sitar)

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