Alicia Keys / As I Am


Released 13.11.2007
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format CD + DVD
Label J Records
1. As I Am (Intro) (1:52)
(Alicia Keys)
2. Go Ahead (4:35)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry Brothers, Jr./Mark Batson/Marsha Ambrosius)
3. Superwoman (4:34)
(#/Alicia Keys/Linda Perry/Steve Mostyn)
4. No One (4:13)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry Brothers, Jr./George M. Harry)
5. Like You'll Never See Me Again (5:15)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry Brothers, Jr.)
6. Lesson Learned / Alicia Keys feat. John Mayer (4:13)
(#/Alicia Keys/John Mayer)
7. Wreckless Love (3:52)
(#/Alicia Keys/Harold Lilly/Jack Splash)
8. The Thing About Love (3:49)
(#/Alicia Keys/Linda Perry)
9. Teenage Love Affair (3:10)
(#/Alicia Keys/Harold Lilly/Jack Splash/Carl Hampton/Josephine Bridges/Tom Nixon)
10. I Need You (5:09)
(#/Alicia Keys/Mark Batson/Harold Lilly/Paul L. Green)
11. Where Do We Go From Here (4:10)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry Brothers, Jr./Harold Lilly/Johnnie Frierson/Mary Frierson)
12. Prelude to a Kiss (2:07)
(#/Alicia Keys)
13. Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise) (4:28)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry Brothers, Jr./Steve Mostyn/Paul L. Green/Novel/Ron Haney)
14. Sure Looks Good to Me (4:31)
(#/Alicia Keys/Linda Perry)
Album ID 1.596
Production Alicia Keys (Executive Producer/Producer); Dave Kutch (Mastering); Jeff Robinson (Executive Producer); Kerry Brothers, Jr. (Executive Producer/Producer/Coproducer); Peter Edge (Executive Producer); Ann Mincieli (Engineer); Manny Marroquin (Mixing/Engineer); Glen Pittman (Assistant Engineer); Mark Batson (Producer); George M. Harry (Coproducer); John Mayer (Producer); Jack Splash (Producer/Programming); Linda Perry (Producer/Engineer)
Studio New York, Oven Studios (Mastering Location/Mixing Location/Recording Location); Paris, Plus XXX Studio (Recording Location); New York, Battery Studios (Mixing Location); Hollywood, Conway Studio, Hollywood, (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Glenwood Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Henson Recording Studios (Recording Location); New York, Legacy Recording Studios (Recording Location); New York, Pie Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Larrabee Sound Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Kung Fu Gardens (Recording Location)
Band Member Alicia Keys (Piano/Keyboards-Various/Harpsichord/Synthesizer/Vocals/Voice-Other/Vocals-Backing); Kerry Brothers, Jr. (Drum Programming); Mark Batson (Keyboards-Various/Bass Guitar/Drum Programming/Synthesizer/Organ/Piano); Trevor Lawrence, Jr. (Drums & Percussion/Percussion-Various); Carl Maraghi (Baritone Saxophone); Darryl Dixon (Alto Saxophone); David Watson (Tenor Saxophone); Duane Eubanks (Trumpet); Jason Sugata (French Horn); Jumaane Smith (Trumpet); Mark Robohm (Drums & Percussion); Michael Dease (Trombone); Ryan Keberle (Trombone); Steve Mostyn (Bass Guitar/Acoustic Guitar); John Smith (Gong Chimes); David Ryan Harris (Gong Chimes); John Mayer (Gong Chimes/Vocals-Backing); Sean Hurley (Bass Guitar); Steve Jordan (Drums & Percussion); Harold Lilly (Vocals-Backing); Lamont Green (Vocals-Backing); Damon Fox (Keyboards-Various/Organ/Synthesizer); John Salvatore Scaglione (Gong Chimes); Paul Ill (Bass Guitar); David G. Stout (Trumpet); Everette K. Harp (Saxophone); Harry Kim (Trombone); Novel (Vocals-Backing); Paul L. Green (Vocals-Backing); Ron Haney (Gong Chimes); Linda Perry (Vocals-Backing/Piano); Peter Thorn (Gong Chimes)

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