Steve Hackett / Voyage of the Acolyte


Released 1975
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Charisma
A1. Ace of Wands (5:20)
(Steve Hackett)
A2. Hands of the Priestess Part 1 (3:26)
(Steve Hackett)
A3. A Tower Struck Down (3:45)
(Steve Hackett/John Hackett)
A4. Hands of the Priestess Part 2 (2:35)
(Steve Hackett)
A5. The Hermit (4:47)
(Steve Hackett)
B1. Star of Sirius (7:03)
(Steve Hackett)
B2. The Lovers (7:42)
(Steve Hackett)
B3. Shado of the Hierophant (5:44)
(Steve Hackett/Mike Rutherford)
Album ID 153
Production John Acock (Producer); Steve Hackett (Producer)
Band Member Steve Hackett (Guitar); John Hackett (Flute/Synthesizer); Phil Collins (Drums & Percussion); Mike Rutherford (Bass Guitar); John Acock (Piano)
Guest Musician Sally Oldfield (Vocals)

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