Eric Clapton with Derek & The Dominos / Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs


Released 09.11.1970
Format CD
Label Polygram
1. I Looked Away (3:06)
(Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton)
2. Bell Bottom Blues (5:03)
(#/Eric Clapton)
3. Keep On Growing (6:22)
(Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton)
4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out (4:59)
(#/Jimmie Cox)
5. I Am Yours (3:36)
(Eric Clapton/Nizami Ganje)
6. Anyday (6:37)
(Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton)
7. Key To The Highway (9:40)
(#/Charles Segar/William Broonzy)
8. Tell The Truth (6:39)
(#/Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton)
9. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? (4:43)
(#/Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton)
10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (6:54)
(#/Billy Myles)
11. Little Wing (5:34)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
12. It's Too Late (3:51)
(Chuck Willis)
13. Layla (7:05)
(#/Eric Clapton/Jim Gordon)
14. Thorn Tree In The Garden (2:49)
(Bobby Whitlock)
Album ID 1.478
Production Chuck Kirkpatrick (Engineer); Howard Albert (Engineer); Karl Richardson (Engineer); Ron Albert (Engineer); Tom Dowd (Executive Producer)
Studio Miami, FL - Atlantic South (Recording Location); Miami, FL - Criteria Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Bobby Whitlock (Organ/Piano/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar); Carl Radle (Percussion-Various/Bass Guitar); Duane Allman (Guitar-Electric); Eric Clapton (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Jim Gordon (Drums & Percussion/Percussion-Various/Piano)

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