Rory Gallagher / Irish Tour


Released 21.07.1974
Discography Live
Format CD
Label Strange Music Ltd
Venue Belfast Ulster Hall, Dublin Carlton Cinema, Cork City Hall
Date 01.1974
1. Cradle Rock [Live] (7:38)
(#/Rory Gallagher)
2. I Wonder Who [Live] (7:52)
(Muddy Waters)
3. Tattoo'd Lady [Live] (5:04)
(#/Rory Gallagher)
4. Too Much Alcohol [Live] (8:30)
(#/J. B.Hutto)
5. As the Crow Flies [Live] (6:02)
(Tony Joe White)
6. A Million Miles Away [Live] (9:29)
(#/Rory Gallagher)
7. Walk on Hot Coals [Live] (11:13)
(#/Rory Gallagher)
8. Who's That Coming? [Live] (10:05)
(#/Rory Gallagher)
9. Back on My (Stompin' Ground) [Live] (5:18)
(Rory Gallagher)
10. Just a Little Bit [Live] (0:33)
(#/Rosco Gordon)
Album ID 1.475
Production Rory Gallagher (Producer)
Band Member Gerry McAvoy (Bass Guitar); Lou Martin (Keyboards-Various); Rod De'Ath (Drums & Percussion); Rory Gallagher (Guitar-Electric/Harmonica/Vocals)

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