Louis Armstrong / Louis Armstrong And His Friends


Released 1970
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label RCA
A1. We Shall Overcome (6:42)
(Guy Carawan/Frank Hamilton/Zilphia Horton/Pete Seeger)
A2. Everybody's Talkin' (3:00)
(Fred Neil)
A3. What A Wonderful World (3:19)
(#/George David Weiss/Bob Thiele)
A4. Boy From New Orleans (3:55)
(Bob Thiele/Allan Roberts)
A5. The Creator Has A Master Plan / Louis Armstrong feat. Leon Thomas (4:15)
(Pharaoh Sanders/Leon Thomas)
B1. Give Peace A Chance (4:35)
(John Lennon)
B2. Mood Indigo (3:19)
(#/Barney Bigard/Duke Ellington/Irving Mills)
B3. His Father Wore Long Hair (2:31)
(George David Weiss/Bob Thiele/P. Rivelli)
B4. My One And Only Love (3:17)
(Guy Wood/Robert Mellin)
B5. This Black Cat Has 9 Lives (2:39)
(Lorenzo Pack)
Album ID 1.467

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