Alicia Keys / Unplugged


Released 07.10.2005
Discography Live
Format CD
Label Sony
Venue N.Y. - Brooklyn Academy Of Music
Date 14.07.2005
1. Intro Alicia's Prayer [Accappella - Live] (1:11)
2. Karma [Live] (2:10)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry "Krucial" Brothers Jr./Taneisha Smith)
3. Heartburn [Live] (3:03)
(#/Alicia Keys/Timbaland/Candice Nelson/Walter Millsap III,/Erika Rose)
4. A Woman's Worth [Live] (3:30)
(#/Alicia Keys/Ernest Isley/Ronald Isley/Rudy Isley/Marvin Isley/O'Kelly Isley/Christopher Jasper)
5. Unbreakable [Live] (4:34)
(#/Alicia Keys/Garry Glenn/Harold Lilly)
6. How Come You Don't Call Me [Live] (5:23)
7. If I Was Your Woman [Live] (4:04)
(#/Alicia Keys/Gloria Jones/Clarence McMurray/Pam Sawyer)
8. If I Ain't Got You [Live] (4:06)
(#/Alicia Keys)
9. Every Little Bit Hurts [Live] (4:01)
(#/Ed Cobb)
10. Streets of New York [Live] (7:35)
(#/Taneisha Smith/Billy Griffin/Eric Barrier/Chris Martin/Nasir "Nas" Jones)
11. Wild Horses [Live] / Alicia Keys feat. Adam Levine (6:04)
(#/Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
12. Diary [Live] (5:53)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry "Krucial" Brothers Jr.)
13. You Don't Know My Name [Live] (3:35)
(#/Alicia Keys/Harold Lilly/Melvin Kent/Ken Williams/Kanye West/J.R. Bailey)
14. Stolen Moments [Live] (5:14)
(#/Alicia Keys/Kerry "Krucial" Brothers Jr./Wah Wah Watson/Lamont Green)
15. Fallin' [Live] (5:10)
(#/Alicia Keys)
16. Love it or Leave it Alone [Live] / Alicia Keys feat. Damian Marley (6:46)
(#/Alicia Keys/Charles Davis/Lorenzo Dechalus/Kirk Khaleel/Ini Kamoze/Stephen Marl)
Album ID 1.354
Production Alex Coletti (Producer)
Band Member Alicia Keys (Vocals/Piano); Onree Gill (Keyboards); Pablo Batista (Percussion); Paul John (Drums & Percussion); Arthur White (Guitar); Steve Mostyn (Bass Guitar); David Watson (Saxophone); Jeff Dieterle (Trombone); Joe Romano (Trumpet); Eileen Folson (Cello); Mariana Green-Hill (Violin); Anne-Marie Bedney (Violin)

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