Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms


Released 1985
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Vertigo
1. So Far Away (5:11)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
2. Money for Nothing (8:26)
(#/Mark Knopfler/Sting)
3. Walk of Life (4:12)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
4. Your Latest Trick (6:33)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
5. Why Worry (8:31)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
6. Ride Across the River (6:58)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
7. The Man's Too Strong (4:40)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
8. One World (3:40)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
9. Brothers in Arms (7:00)
(#/Mark Knopfler)
Album ID 1.213
Production Mark Knopfler (Producer); Bob Ludwig (Mastering)
Studio Montserrat, Air Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Mark Knopfler (Guitar/Vocals); Alan Clark (Keyboards); Guy Fletcher (Keyboards); Terry Williams (Drums & Percussion); John Illsley (Bass Guitar)
Guest Musician Omar Hakim (Drums & Percussion)

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