Various Artists / No Nukes


Released 1979
Discography Live
Format 2 CD
Label Elektra
Venue N.Y. - Madison Square Garden
Date 21.09.1979
No Nukes (Disc 1)
1. Dependin' on You [Live] / The Doobie Brothers (4:44)
(Patrick Simmons/Michael McDonald)
2. Runaway [Live] / Bonnie Raitt (3:53)
(#/Del Shannon/Max D. Crook)
3. Angel From Montgomery [Live] / Bonnie Raitt (3:48)
(#/John Prine)
4. Plutonium is Forever [Live] / John Hall (3:22)
(John Hall/Johanna Hall)
5. Power [Live] / The Doobie Brothers, John Hall & James Taylor (5:23)
(John Hall/Johanna Hall)
6. The Times They Are A-Changin' [Live] / James Taylor with Carly Simon & Graham Nash (3:00)
(#/Bob Dylan)
7. Cathedral [Live] / Graham Nash (6:03)
(#/Graham Nash)
8. The Crow on the Cradle [Live] / Jackson Browne & Graham Nash (5:04)
(Sydney Carter)
9. Before the Deluge [Live] / Jackson Browne (6:27)
(#/Jackson Browne)
10. Lotta Love [Live] / Nicolette Larson & The Doobie Brothers (3:33)
(#/Neil Young)
11. Little Sister [Live] / Ry Cooder (3:56)
(#/Mort Schuman/Doc Pomus)
12. A Woman [Live] / Sweet Honey in the Rock (1:28)
(Connie Brooks/Patricia Johnson)
13. We Almost Lost Detroit [Live] / Gil Scott-Heron (4:44)
(Gil Scott-Heron)
14. Get Together [Live] / Jesse Colin Young (4:52)
(Chet Powers)
No Nukes (Disc 2)
1. You Can't Change That [Live] / Raydio (3:33)
(Ray Parker Jr.)
2. Once You Get Started [Live] / Chaka Khan (5:10)
(Gavin Christopher)
3. Captain Jim's Drunken Dream [Live] / James Taylor (4:19)
(James Taylor)
4. Honey Don't Leave L.A. [Live] / James Taylor (3:45)
(Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar)
5. Mocking Bird [Live] / Carly Simon & James Taylor (3:57)
(Charlie Foxx/Inez Foxx)
6. Heart of the Night [Live] / Poco (6:09)
(#/Paul Cotton)
7. Cry to Me [Live] / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (3:30)
(Bert Berns)
8. Stay [Live] / E Street Band, Jackson Browne, Rosemary Butler & Bruce Springsteen (4:14)
(#/Maurice Williams)
9. Devil With the Blue Dress [Medley - Live] / Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band (4:49)
(Fred Long/William "Mickey" Stevenson)
10. You Don't Have to Cry [Live] / Crosby, Stills & Nash (3:03)
(#/Stephen Stills)
11. Long Time Gone [Live] / Crosby, Stills & Nash (5:23)
(#/David Crosby)
12. Teach Your Children [Live] / Crosby, Stills & Nash (3:05)
(#/Graham Nash)
13. Takin' it to the Streets [Live] / The Doobie Brothers with James Taylor (4:37)
(Michael McDonald)
Album ID 1.206
Band Member Patrick Simmons (Guitar); Michael McDonald (Vocals/Keyboards); Cornelius Bumpus (Saxophone/Organ); Chet McCraken (Drums & Percussion); Keith Knudsen (Drums & Percussion); Ted Templeman (Percussion); John McFee (Guitar); Tiran Porter (Bass Guitar); Bonnie Raitt (Vocals/Guitar); John Hall (Organ/Guitar/Vocals); Dennis Whitted (Drums & Percussion); Freebo (Guitar/Vocals-Backing/Bass Guitar); Will McFarlane (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Bill Payne (Piano); Rosemary Butler (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Louis Levin (Keyboards); Jody Linscott (Percussion); Chris Parker (Drums & Percussion); Lynn Pitney (Vocals); Phillip Ballou (Vocals); Josh Schneider (Saxophone); David Schwartz (Bass Guitar); Don Grolnick (Keyboards/Piano); Tim Drummond (Bass Guitar); Graham Nash (Vocals/Piano/Vocals-Lead/Guitar); David Lindley (Acoustic Guitar/Fiddle/Guitar); Craig Doerge (Organ/Synthesizer/Keyboards); Russ Kunkel (Drums & Percussion); Gloria Coleman (Vocals-Backing); Brenda Eager (Vocals-Backing); Cleo Kennedy (Vocals-Backing); Jackson Browne (Vocals/Guitar/Guitar-Electric); Doug Haywood (Vocals-Backing); Bob Glaub (Bass Guitar); Nicolette Larson (Vocals); Ry Cooder (Vocals/Guitar); Jim Keltner (Drums & Percussion); Ross Babu (Percussion); William "Smitty" Smith (Organ); Bobbie King (Vocals-Backing); Robert Johnson (Vocals-Backing); Bernice Johnson (Vocals); Tulani Jordan (Vocals); Evelyn Harris (Vocals); Yasmeen Williams (Vocals); Gil Scott-Heron (Vocals/Keyboards); Carl Cornwell (Piano/Flute); Bob Gordon (Bass Guitar); Tony Green (Drums & Percussion); Jesse Colin Young (Vocals/Guitar); Jef Labes (Piano); Steve Beckmeyer (Guitar); Ray Parker Jr. (Vocals/Bass Guitar); Arnell Carmichael (Synthesizer/Vocals/Piano); Chaka Khan (Vocals); Steve Ferrone (Drums & Percussion); Hamish Stewart (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Mark Stevens (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Anthony Jackson (Bass Guitar); Arthur Jenkins (Keyboards); Jeff Mironov (Guitar); Phil Upchurch (Guitar); Charlotte Crossley (Vocals); Ken Bitchell Cat (Synthesizer); James Taylor (Vocals/Guitar); Waddy Wachtel (Guitar); Lee Sklar (Bass Guitar); Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar (Guitar); David Sanborn (Saxophone); Rick Marotta (Percussion); Arnold McCuller (Vocals-Backing); David Lasley (Vocals-Backing); Carly Simon (Vocals); Kim Bullard (Vocals/Keyboards); Charlie Harrison (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Steve Chapman (Drums & Percussion); Phill Kenzie (Saxophone); Rusty Young (Steel-Guitar); Paul Cotton (Guitar); Tom Petty (Vocals/Guitar); Benmont Tench (Keyboards); Mike Campbell (Guitar); Stan Lynch (Drums & Percussion/Vocals-Backing); Ron Bliar (Bass Guitar); Bruce Springsteen (Vocals/Guitar); Max Weinberg (Drums & Percussion); Danny Federici (Organ); Garry Tallent (Bass Guitar); Steven Van Zandt (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Roy Bittan (Piano); Stephen Stills (Guitar/Vocals/Vocals-Lead); David Crosby (Vocals/Guitar); Joe Lala (Percussion)
Guest Musician Nicolette Larson (Vocals-Backing); Bonnie Raitt (Vocals-Backing); Graham Nash (Vocals-Backing); Brenda Eager (Vocals-Backing); Doug Haywood (Vocals-Backing); Rosemary Butler (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Jackson Browne (Vocals-Backing); Suzi Young (Vocals-Backing); Charles Fearing (Vocals-Backing/Guitar); Larry Tolbert (Vocals-Backing/Drums & Percussion); Carly Simon (Vocals-Backing); John Hall (Vocals-Backing); Cleo Kennedy (Vocals-Backing); Gloria Coleman (Vocals-Backing)

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