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Genesis Trespass 23.10.1970 02nd Studio Album LP
Genesis Nursery Cryme 12.11.1971 03rd Studio Album LP
Genesis Foxtrot 06.10.1972 04th Studio Album LP
Genesis Selling England By the Pound 12.10.1973 05th Studio Album CD
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 18.11.1974 06th Studio Album 2 CD
Genesis A Trick Of The Tail 02.02.1976 07th Studio Album CD
Genesis Wind & Wuthering 23.12.1976 08th Studio Album CD
Genesis Seconds Out 21.10.1977 Live 2 LP
Genesis Many, Too Many 30.06.1978 Single
Genesis Invisible Touch 09.06.1986 13th Studio Album CD
Genesis We Can't Dance 11.11.1991 14th Studio Album CD

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